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At A|R Real Estate, we believe in the concept of "more than more"...

"More" than just helping you through a transaction, going above and beyond for our clients, understanding their personal needs and giving them "more". But also giving "more" back to this big world that we live in, through real estate as well. More awareness, more love and more paying it forward. So, let me tell you a bit about where a portion of all of my commissions from every home sale goes, a place near and dear to my heart:

​Aligned with Faith & Learning Int'l, Jonathan’s House for Orphans (JHO) in the Central African Republic (CAR), rescues orphaned children in need of care and assistance. There is an urgent need for help in CAR as there is an orphan crisis due to years of civil war and rebel activity. Although the UN has had involvement, the country continues to have an unstable government, oppressed people and a plight that is nothing short of the Rwanda crisis that was exposed to the world years ago. Yet, this country goes unknown to most of the world. It is located between Chad, Sudan, Republic of Congo and Cameroon. Through the efforts of a small group of people in Marshalltown, Iowa, JHO was created. JHO also has re-opened a local school that was shut down due to rebel activity.  They've also re-opened a medical clinic to help the underserved people of CAR.  Medical rescues, meals at the school and care for orphans are some of the programs funded through JHO.  But it is an ever growing budget as more children come to the orphanage and attend school to receive the lunch program. Currently there are around 30 children, and hundreds more at the lunch program and medical clinic we've opened.  Two of them have left the orphanage and we became a family in 2017 and live in Des Moines, Iowa.  The video below was a documentary done by a team "Here-Is-Why", that went with me to the orphanage to document the crisis back in 2016. While internal peacekeeping missions have helped maintain some stability in the country, it continues to rank as the hungriest country on the Earth. That's powerful. Please watch...

And If you'd like to donate, here is the website. It's a miracle really, and we are excited to be a part of it:


​Abbey Robertson, Realtor, continues you to assist in the development of programs and assisting those in need through her involvement on the board of the Jonathan's House for Orphans in Central African Republic. Implementing fundraising like the "Alternative Gift Fair" and the "Thanks for Lunch campaign.

The school lunch program was created in 2017, costing $35K per year to feed 400+ children every day at lunch. 3 African women were hired to be cooks and teachers got full time pay as school no longer had to end at lunchtime. Additionally enrollment skyrocketed and we know many children will receive at least one meal a day now. #amazing

The school was re-opened in 2015 due to the efforts of the team in Iowa. Staff was hired, facilities were cleaned up and the children could learn again. Education is a powerful tool in a place with economic instability and crisis, especially if you are an orphan. It costs $45 / year to attend the school and money is raised so all orphans attend for free. 400+ students attend the school which only goes through 6th grade.

The A|R Real Estate Family

Welcome! Life's a journey and ours has been one that travels halfway around the world. Come be a part of the A|R Real Estate family and a donation will be made after your home purchase/sale. It gives us great joy to continue to give back and take care of those that are half a world away but much closer in our hearts. We love because he first loved us. 
~ From our family to yours... thank you for being a part of something special! ~ 

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